Even television stars cannot ignore child support orders

There is no escape from paying child support. One of the many issues that must be discussed and dealt with during a divorce is child support, where appropriate. Because divorce is such an emotionally-charged situation, it may be easier for those who are going through the divorce to feed off of that emotion and to act contrary to what may be best for all involved. This is especially true where children are involved, which is why in the eyes of the court, the rights of children need to be protected. One way the court does this is by ensuring that children of divorce are taken care of financially by receiving the monetary support necessary for their livelihood from both parents.

A former contestant on the show "The Bachelor", the Latin version, was recently cited for not paying child support for two years. The contestant owes about $4,000 in unpaid child support and the Florida Department of Revenue's Child Support Enforcement Program quickly took action to remedy this matter. Employers of the contestant were ordered by a court to garnish his wages for the amount owed.

Because child support is a court order, the court controls who pays child support and how much. In doing so, the court takes into account many factors in making child support determinations. There is a formula that the court uses to come up with the monthly payment amounts. Based on all of this, failure to pay child support is never an option. However, there are circumstances that can lead a court to alter the amount of the payments based on a change in financial circumstances of the payor.

The bottom line is that courts do not look kindly upon those who do not make their support payments.