How To Cope with Divorce as a Man – Part Two

How To Cope with Divorce as a Man – Part Two

In last week’s blog, we discussed how men are often caught up in the social requirement to remain calm, strong, and in tight control of their emotions so as to appear “manly.” In this week’s blog, we will explore additional ways for men to deal with the actual pain, frustration, and emotional turmoil that accompanies divorce. While divorce is never easy, understanding what you will likely experience and how best to cope can make all the difference in your divorce stress level.

Your Attitude During the Legal Process

While you can’t control the entire legal process of divorce, you can control how you get through it. Your attitude can make the difference between a stress level that is off the charts and one that is held to a minimum. Seeking to make the divorce as tough and miserable as possible on your spouse will likely just drag out the process even more, heaping more turmoil on both of you. This is generally nonproductive. In divorce, as in most of life, compromise is necessary. Try to keep this in mind as you try to work through your divorce issues so as to make continued progress without giving up any important legal or parental rights.

Be There for the Kids

One of the most important aspects of your divorce will be the kids, if you have them. You can channel much of your time and care into helping them cope. They will have even less understanding of what is going on than you. Their lives will likely be upended and they have less emotional maturity at their disposal to deal with it than you. This is the time to be there for them as much as possible and give them the support they need. It’s also important to remember that most kids are very resilient and, as long as you show them that fault does not lie with them, they will eventually adapt.

It Will All Get Better Eventually

Finally, the old adage of “time heals all wounds” may sound like just another cliché. But it is based on the truth that the stress level will reduce as more time and acceptance take place. Your life will go on, it will get better, and a year or two or three years later, you will no longer be stuck in divorce mode. Your life will have changed; only you can decide whether it will be for the better.

Need Legal Help Getting Through Divorce?

One of the best actions you can take when facing divorce is to have a compassionate and savvy legal representative on your side. This gives peace of mind knowing that your rights and interests will be looked after in the best possible way.

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