Why Are My Driver & Professional Licenses Suspended in Orange County?

Under California law, when a parent has been ordered to pay child support each month, they are required to pay it on time. If the parent skips payments or if he or she does not pay the full amount, the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) can take adverse action against the parent’s driver and professional licenses.

If you fall 30 or more days behind on your child support, DCSS will submit your name to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to suspend your driver’s license, but that’s not the only license at risk. Your professional and recreational licenses are vulnerable to denial or suspension as well.

‘Notice of Intent to Suspend’ Letter

Did you receive a warning letter in the mail from the DMV called a “Notice of Intent to Suspend”? If so, this letter is warning you that you have 150 days to settle your past-due child support obligation with the DCSS. If you do not pay the obligation off in time, your drivers or professional license will be suspended, or both.

In some cases, an attorney from our firm can help get the DCSS to release a parent’s licenses over the phone when:

  • Our client’s employer is making partial or full payments toward the balance.
  • Our client is currently receiving unemployment benefits and part of their benefits is going toward child support.
  • Our client is receiving General Relief benefits.
  • Our client is receiving cash aid assistance (CalWorks).
  • We are able to get a court order for a license release.

Please be aware that your driver’s license can be suspended more than once. If another 45 days go by without paying child support, your driver’s license can be suspended again. To protect your driver’s license, it’s critical to pay your child support in full each month. If you cannot afford your current monthly obligation because you have experienced a significant change in circumstances, contact our office to petition the court for a downward modification.

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