What to Do with Electronic Data When You Divorce

Divorces are rarely easy for anyone. However, it has become increasingly difficult to keep the upper edge with electronic data more in use than ever. We use electronics for most communication now, including social media accounts that connect you to thousands of other people across the world. However, in divorce proceedings, it can be disadvantageous to mismanage your data.

Social media is the most relevant electronic data that could be used against you in a divorce proceeding. Lawyers have begun perusing the social media accounts of their client’s spouses in an effort to find incriminating evidence to make the spouse look guilty of something. For example, if a spouse tries to claim he doesn’t have enough money to pay more for child support, but his Facebook account shows him taking a recent vacation to Las Vegas, the judge might rule against him and order that he pay a higher amount.

There are other areas of electronic data you might also want to secure. Many couples share online accounts because they trust each other with their passwords. If you and your spouse are no longer on those terms, you may want to go through each of your accounts and update your security. Likewise, refrain from using the same password across multiple accounts. If your spouse knows your password, his or her attorney may use it to gain access to your social media account and use any information they find against you.

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