How to Tell Loved Ones You Are Divorcing

Divorce is rarely easy for anyone, but what can be especially heartbreaking is telling your loved ones about the event. If you’re unsure how to go about telling friends and family about your divorce, here are some tips.

If your divorce is non-adversarial, you and your spouse should consider sitting down together with each of your families to tell them about your decision. The conversation will likely be painful and awkward, but make sure to plan the talk in advance, so you are both prepared for what to say. Consider avoiding any mention of fights or infidelities, as they can leave your listeners angry and depressed with no outlet for these emotions.

Avoid telling them about it in a long preamble. It’s best just to say it and then explain the situation as tactfully as possible. Consider starting with the people who you think will be the most supportive. They can help support you when you tell someone whose response might be more volatile and unsupportive.

If your divorce was contentious, however, you may want to tell your families separately. Attempting to break the news together will likely spark another fight between you. If you have a tendency to fight with each other in general, your family may not even be surprised. The marriage could have been unhealthy from the beginning, in which case, your family may react positively.

Telling your loved ones will be difficult, but it can help you take a closer look at the nature of your relationships with the people you regard as close to you. Some may not support your decision or may judge you for your actions. If they can’t respect you for your decision, you may be better off reevaluating your acquaintance with them.

Make sure to give your family time to process the news. While they may be feeling the separation to a significantly lesser degree, they still might need a chance to readjust to the new dynamic. By telling your loved ones, you are surrounding yourself with positive love and support rather than rallying troops to battle your ex. Give them time to process the news and come to terms with the changes by being patient.

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