Post-Divorce Actions You Must Consider

You might think that after your divorce is finalized, the hard part is over. This is partially correct, but you still have to follow through on the decisions made during the process. In order to avoid sabotaging your new life, you should take some necessary legal actions before completely relaxing.

Property Settlement

If you have a good lawyer, you should have a clear divorce decree that lays out the division of assets between each spouse. The house and the car are the most important, big-ticket items. These usually have ownership registered with the state, so you will need to inform the government about the change in ownership. This step is something your lawyer can handle, but you will need to discuss it with them to ensure it’s done. You also will likely want to separate everything that is yours from everything that is your spouse’s as soon as possible.

Separate Accounts

If you shared bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial institutions with your spouse, you will likely want to cancel the cards and transfer your money to a new account. Make sure your employer updates your direct deposits and retirement accounts, and ensure your tax withholding matches your change in status. Likewise, update all your old important passwords to ensure your security remains intact.

Estate Planning

Make sure you erase your ex from any estate plans you may have made during the course of the marriage. For example, if your ex is listed in your will, make sure you write a new one with any new beneficiary in mind. Life insurance should also be checked, as the spouse is usually the default recipient.

Child Support

Child support may be supervised by a government entity, but make sure all records are in place for this to occur. Your ex should also have the correct address to ensure correspondence is kept up for the duration.

Change Your Name

If you changed your name when you were married, you may want to consider reverting to your former surname. If so, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security, your financial institutions, and your employer to update this information.

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