Your Options for Child Support Payments

During a divorce, you have a smorgasbord of complex issues to deal with, including how to pay for child support. While each state has its own laws regarding child support, many states allow payments to be made between parents via several methods. Here are the details about a few different payment options.


Making cash payments for child support may sound like the easiest method, but it lacks concrete documentation, like a receipt. Without proof that a payment was made, problems could arise when you try to prove that a payment was indeed made. Cash also requires face-to-face meetings, which some parents would rather do without.

Check or Money Order

Paying for child support with a check or money order eliminates face-to-face payments, but you run the risk of your check getting lost in the mail, arriving late, or bouncing. On the other hand, checks and money orders leave behind a visible footprint of your payments.

Income Withholding or Wage Garnishment

Child support payments can be made via income withholding or wage garnishment, but you’ll need the help of a third-party service. Your employer will take a particular amount out of your paycheck, and the funds will be automatically sent to your ex-spouse. This method ensures that payments are made on time and it provides proper documentation. One drawback of this method is that it cannot be used if you are self-employed or unemployed.

Online Transfer

Transferring funds online may be the best method out of all the ones listed in this blog. This method allows you to send funds without a face-to-face meeting, is documented online, is instantaneous, and it does not pull cash straight from your paycheck. Instead, you make a one-time payment or reoccurring payments through your bank or third-party service.

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