Don't Stay in a Bad Marriage for These Reasons

While it’s certainly admirable and advised that you do everything in your power to save your marriage, there are certain times where the marriage itself is not worth saving, and attempting to do so can only result in more harm than good. It’s not uncommon for us to hear about some people justifying staying in their marriage, which only does more harm than good. And often times the reasoning is not good to begin with. Here are five bad reasons to stay in a marriage when a divorce is clearly the better option.

Doing it For the Children

Children are a mutual responsibility, and a big one at that. However, it’s pretty common to hear about parents staying in an unhappy marriage for years in order to raise their family and see their kids move out on their own before pursuing a divorce. Some couples can do this successfully, some can’t, but it’s usually detrimental to everyone who tries it. If you will truly be better of separated, you should get a divorce.

Worrying What Family Will Think

Social pressures to remain married still exist, but are dramatically reduced. With nearly half of all marriages eventually ending in divorce, the social stigma on this practice has never been lower. In fact, most people see divorce as a good thing when your motives and intentions are honorable, such as mutually beneficial happiness or to escape abuse. Don’t worry about what others will think; your life and happiness is the most important part.

Family Happiness Over Personal Happiness

While it may seem like your family will be happier together than separated, the truth is a family that is unhappy at home is nowhere near as well off as one that is separated but happy. When both parents are unhappy, the children are often unhappy, and life at home is miserable, which often leads to further transgressions later. If getting a divorce will make both spouses happier, the family as a whole will be happier.

You Won’t Be Able to Afford Independence

Divorces can be expensive and put a serious drain on your financial standing after your divorce is complete. However, laws exist that give both spouses a claim to property acquired during the marriage. If you are worried about your ability to afford your own place to live as well as your expenses, rest assured family law says you will receive a significant amount of the property you and your spouse own.

You’ll Regret It

Those who are considering a divorce sometimes back out because they think they’ll regret the divorce later. After all, they fell in love with their spouse to the point where they married them the first time; who’s to say that fire and passion can’t return? While it’s possible that it might, it’s not guaranteed. If your relationship with your spouse has only continued to degrade for some time, it’s probably not going to improve the longer you hold on. It’s best just to call it quits and start over.

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