Celeb divorce settlement's unique child support provision

Southern California is extremely diverse, both culturally and economically. However, many in Orange County can comfortably meet their financial needs and, as a result, likely never expect to run into a child support dispute. One of the many myths surrounding child support is that disputes only arise between parents struggling with money. In reality, a non-custodial parent of any income level can be in need of a child support modification.

It's not unusual to see celebrity parents' child support disputes play out in the headlines, and Charlie Sheen is no exception. The actor recently made a move to reduce his monthly child support payments to one of his ex-wives, the mother of his 6-year-old twin boys. Currently, his monthly payments are $55,000 per month, part of a divorce settlement with his former spouse. However, Sheen claims his income has changed dramatically since he sold off his rights to part of the profits from the sitcom in which he used to star. Sheen sold his rights last year to the tune of almost $27 million.

According to a court filing, the sale means that Sheen's monthly income will go from $600,000 per month to $167,000 in monthly income. He is reportedly more than $12 million in debt, including taxes and mortgages. One interesting aspect of Sheen's legal move is that his divorce settlement with the mother of his twins contains a stipulation that his monthly payments to her cannot be lower than the amount he pays to his other ex-wife with whom he shares two daughters.

Every child support situation is different, and receiving the right legal advice tailored to one's personal circumstances can be very beneficial. For parents at any level of income who need a child support modification, a family lawyer can help.