Can grandparents' visitation rights be ended in California?

Most parents want their children to have loving, supportive and ongoing relationships with the children's grandparents. Sometimes, though, family relationships can become strained and grandparents may find themselves in the middle of a multifaceted child custody dispute. In these types of situations Orange County grandparents are likely to want to know more about their visitation rights under California law.

In California, most grandparents will likely not need to pursue visitation, as their own children will voluntarily keep the grandparents included in the new family organization. Family relationships can become severely altered during a divorce or breakup, however, and for grandparents who have been excluded, they may want to consult with a family lawyer regarding visitation plans. Grandparents do have rights to seek visitation in California if such visitation is in the best interests of the child and supports an existing bond between grandparent and grandchild.

One difficult element of the law for grandparents to understand is that sometimes grandparents' visitation rights can come to an end. In general, grandparents' visitation rights are dependent upon certain factors and exceptions, such as those listed above. If the children's parents are still married, even more stipulations apply. If these conditions change and the parents want to end the grandparents' visitation rights, in some cases they may be able to do so. Still, grandparents do have certain protections under the law and can allay their fears by speaking with an experienced visitation rights attorney.

For many Orange County grandparents, a divorce or breakup can be traumatic, as it can mean a sudden end to a preexisting relationship with a treasured grandchild. Going to a lawyer may not be something a grandparent wants to do, but it may be critical to protecting one's rights and furthering a relationship that has already benefited a grandchild.