Rapper and singer continue their child custody dispute

A custody dispute can happen to any couple that shares a child in California. Given the number of well-known, prominent and famous people in the state, it is unavoidable that a child custody dispute might end up in the public eye. Regardless of the situation and whether it is a "name" couple or a regular workaday couple, one of the most important factors in achieving an acceptable resolution for both the custodial parent and the noncustodial parent is to make sure that the law is followed.

A high-profile custody dispute that involves two people in the music industry and their son is moving forward with a setback for the mother. The singer Ciara had been seeking full custody of the son she shares with rapper Future, but a judge has rejected the singer and her claims that Future was not entitled to custody of the child. The 30-year-old Ciara stated that Future was not involved in the child's life. The couple have been embroiled in legal disagreements that go beyond the child they share. Future had filed a defamation suit against Ciara because she was relating information about the custody dispute on her social media pages. For now, he will be allowed to see his son.

Some cases in which there is a child custody disagreement can be as contentious as this one. Others are more amicable. Many fall somewhere in the middle. There are so many different factors that go into a custody dispute that parents can feel overwhelmed. This can extend to the children and cause them unnecessary emotional trauma. This is why the best interests of the child must also be considered. Those who are in the middle of a custody dispute need to make certain that the children are protected simultaneously to seeking to have their parental goals achieved.

In this case, Ciara and Future are in the middle of an ongoing battle over their child. Considering the newsworthy nature of this case, it might seem to be unique in terms of child custody. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for parents to fight over a child. When there is a battle over child custody those involved may wish to consider that their rights may be better protected with help from a qualified lawyer.