Military divorces can require special attention

Military divorces can be especially difficult because of the number of unique challenges a military couple and family may be facing at any given time. Any divorce, including a military divorce, can include a number of important issues such as child support. Child support helps ensure children are taken care of in the same manner they were provided for after the divorce as before the divorce. Determining the appropriate amount of child support is essential to providing continuity parents commonly seek for their children.

Divorce can be a challenging emotional time for families which is why being prepared to understand how the divorce process works, and how a military divorce may present special challenges, can be helpful for couples beginning the divorce process. Child support is determined utilizing a variety of factors including the income of the parents and the number of children in the household. When determining child support during a military divorce, there may be additional considerations that would not arise during a traditional divorce.

Complex aspects of determining child support during a military divorce can include taking into account differences in military compensation including housing allotments and combat duty pay. In addition, divorce oftentimes can have an impact on the lifestyle of the family and in military divorce circumstances, these concerns can include housing concerns, base access concerns and insurance concerns that may vary a little or a lot from a traditional divorce.

It is important to keep the potential differences associated with a military divorce, and how to handle them, in mind but it is also helpful to understand the basics of the divorce process when approaching any divorce. The proper guidance during the military divorce process can help settle any nerves and resolve important issues such as child support as simply as possible.