Agreeing on key real estate issues during divorce

Moving into a new house can be an exciting venture, while leaving one's old house can be both exciting and a little scary. For former couples who have decided to part ways and divorce, knowing what to do with shared real estate assets can be daunting. A skilled California property division attorney can offer a wealth of guidance regarding community property and its trajectory during a divorce or separation.

Attorneys and other professionals can help a divorcing couple clarify their financial situation during an understandably emotional time. One of the reasons the division of assets has a reputation for being complicated is because former couples are asked to make often-momentous decisions during a time of uncertainty and strained feelings. Obtaining a professional's advice is often worth it, as their input can frequently help a party to a divorce avoid costly mistakes.

According to some real estate agents, it's far from easy to sell a shared home during divorce. Even the most amicable of splits can still contain some conflict; as a result, divorcing couples may need to ask themselves some of the following questions in order to avoid delays in decision-making. First, can they agree to sell the house or does one spouse want to remain? That question alone can require a lot of time and effort on both parties' parts. If it is decided the house will be sold, it's helpful for parties to ask each other if they can agree on using the same agent, or even if they can both sit down together to the many discussions that will take place about the home.

Until a property is sold, the following things still need to be paid: the mortgage if there is one, the property taxes and the homeowners insurance, among other bills. Who will be paying these up until the divorce? Moreover, if the parties decide they want to sell the house, does each spouse have a new residence lined up and, if so, can they afford that as a single person?

These and countless more questions may need to be asked in an Orange County divorce case. The division of community property is rarely simple, especially when real estate is involved. A divorce attorney adept at handling property division can be a professional to partner with during this time.