Child support for noncustodial parents in CA - important points

There are numerous factors that can go into a relationship between California parents who share a child and are no longer together. With that, there are many important points that a noncustodial parent must bear in mind when it comes to a child support dispute, making payments, and what happens if there is an allegation of failure to pay child support. The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) of California is an agency that can help parents, guardians and caretakers. This agency can provide location services, paternity establishment, enforce child support orders, change child support orders, enforce health insurance requirements, and collect and distribute payments to support the custodial parent.

A noncustodial parent who has been ordered to make child support payments and fails to do so on time might face the following: interest accruing on what has not been paid at 10 percent annually; interception of other income such as income tax refunds, unemployment benefits, workers' compensation, disability payments, and lottery winnings; license suspensions; liens on properties; denial of passport renewal; information given to credit bureaus about nonpayment; and the initiation of other actions.

When there is a child support dispute that cannot be settled through negotiation, it is possible to go to court. Men who do not believe they are the biological father of the child have the right to seek genetic testing to come to a determination. When the amount to be paid in child support is established, there are numerous factors that go into it. There are guidelines the state will use taking into account the income of both parents and the amount of time the parents spend with the child. If the child has special needs, this is also taken into consideration. Payments are made through the State Disbursement Unit and an employer can be ordered to withhold payments for child support.

A noncustodial parent who does not agree with the amount ordered or has had a change in circumstances has the right to request that the amount be modified. Child support is an important part of a child's life and the parents must do their best to adhere to the agreement or alter it when it is necessary. Having a grasp on the state child support guidelines, understanding what happens when there are delinquent payments or a failure to pay child support, or any aspect of a child support dispute can be achieved with help from an attorney experienced in child support issues.