The unspoken world of California domestic violence

For the most part, California domestic violence is not addressed appropriately because it goes unreported. Although, there are a number of individuals out there that experience the abuse on a regular basis, but those victims remain silent out of fear and hopelessness. Fear may come from the victim believing that the violence will heighten if reported. The feeling of hopelessness has to do with the victim not seeing a way out of the abusive situation. Historically, domestic violence is not at the forefront of discussions. It is handled in a very hush-hush way because of the stigma associated with this particular type of violence. However, the attitude toward having open dialogue about abuse of this nature is changing.

The statistic surrounding domestic violence and allegations of domestic violence are staggering. A number of people, both men and women, are impacted by domestically charged abuse on an everyday basis. What makes domestic violence so insidious and menacing is that the violence is perpetrated by one family member against another. As such, the psychological impact of the violence as well as the emotional and physical toll that it takes can leave the victim feeling isolated and despondent. Leaving the abusive relationship may not be a viable option for the victim if they are not ready to leave or have not recognized the situation as problematic. But, victims need to know that there is help out there, if needed.

Victims of domestic violence need to be heard and they need for the authorities and the courts to listen when they are ready to speak. There are protections available to the victims once the domestic abuse is reported. The courts can act on a victim's behalf once they are made aware of the situation. Protective orders such as temporary and permanent restraining orders are in place to shield the victim from the violent behavior.

Fortunately, domestic violence conversations are beginning to happen. Attorneys can help those who are seeking protective orders. They can also help those who are facing allegations.