Military divorce may signal end to insurance coverage

A military divorce and a non-military divorce are quite similar in that they both represent the ending of a marriage. There are different rules and regulations that apply in a military divorce, though, because of elements such as spouses living in different states, deployment issues and the often-complex nature of military benefits. However, just like in a civilian divorce, a military divorce carries with it the same issues including but not limited to child support, child custody, property division and more. Prior to a divorce being finalized, these matters must be understood by both parties; this process can be greatly aided by an Orange County family lawyer.

With respect to divorce benefits, insurance benefits play an important role in military divorces. Tricare is the insurance that is used for military personnel. Tricare covers those who are married to servicemembers as well as their dependent children. Tricare stays in place and can be utilized by a spouse as long as the couple stays married. Once the marriage is dissolved, then the insurance goes with the military personnel and the spouse is no longer eligible in most cases. In non-military divorce proceedings, the court can mandate that insurance be provided for children until they reach the age of majority. In the military system, different rules apply and thus many military spouses are concerned with continuing their children's medical coverage.

Insurance in divorce is a benefit that the courts can make a part of a divorce settlement. Along with social security benefits, pension benefits and the like, the courts can look at what the policies provide for and can make determinations of how to equally or equitably split the benefits of a policy where appropriate. In doing this, the courts may review the length of the marriage and other factors. Military benefits are also affected by many different factors and their division may spark disagreement if there is misunderstanding on either side.

Financial matters in divorce include complicated aspects of insurance and pensions, which is why it is important to address these thoroughly in military and non-military divorces alike.