Domestic violence does not discriminate by gender

With many Southern California families celebrating various holidays this time of year, the stress can run fairly high. Sometimes, existing family issues combine with seasonal demands and conflict becomes intense, at times erupting over into violence. What many may not realize is that family violence can affect men as well as women; either gender can be the victim of intimate partner violence.

As a result, people of both genders may find themselves in need of a restraining order or legal advice and protection. Moreover, violence can occur throughout the year, and isn't always precipitated by one particular stressor or event such as the holiday season.

Domestic violence, as its name implies, harms someone who is in an intimate relationship with the attacker or abuser. While most people probably recognize this type of violence as physical abuse, it can also come in the form of sexual abuse or emotional abuse.

Signs that a relationship involves domestic violence include one partner preventing the other from attending work or school, one partner cutting the other off from family and friends, Burch Shepard Family Law Group accusations of infidelity, extreme jealousy, threats, repeated name-calling and belittling, and one partner controlling how the other spends money. In addition, domestic violence against either gender can involve slapping, shoving or kicking in addition to hitting and other forms of physical aggression. This can also occur against children or pets in the household.

In addition to affecting victims of both genders, domestic violence can also occur between partners of all sexual orientations. Thus, a woman may need to get a protective order against another woman, or a man may need a restraining order against another man. An Orange County family law attorney can help someone affected by domestic violence understand their rights and legal options. Domestic violence can affect other family law situations, so it can be beneficial to obtain comprehensive legal advice.