Ex-public official not above domestic violence charges

No one is above prosecution for domestic violence. Regardless of one's status in life, domestic violence claims are addressed in a legal forum and hopefully resolved in a manner which protects the victim from this type of violence. The first step in addressing the violence is to report it to the authorities. When no formal police report is made, domestic violence tends to continue and often, the violence escalates. One of the only ways to put an end to the violence is to report it.

Reporting a domestic violence dispute can be a very difficult thing to do. However, once reported, the legal wheels are set into motion and help is imminent. No matter who the perpetrator of the violence happens to be, the courts look at all domestic violence situations with the same legal eye. For instance, an ex-assemblyman in California was taken into custody for a domestic violence charge. The charge also included child endangerment. The man claims that his arrest was the result of Burch Shepard Family Law Group accusations made by his wife. The ex-assemblyman was released from jail on a $10,000 bond.

In domestic violence cases, the courts are able to act on behalf of the victim when the victim brings the matter to the attention of the court. When in the midst of a situation such as this, it is most likely very hard to think clearly. Because domestic violence takes its toll both physically and emotionally, realizing and knowing one's rights may prove difficult. The courts can and do help in these matters. There is a plethora of restraining orders at the court's disposal to address domestic violence.