Location of divorce may affect famous couple's property division

One of the biggest topics of discussion in any California divorce is property division. Who gets the house, the cars, and the like are all issues that are up in the air when a couple end a marriage. State statutes regulate divorce and make the determination of how assets and property will be divided. If there is not an amicable agreement among the parties with respect to certain property, the courts will get involved and make decisions based on the divorce laws of wherever the divorce is taking place. Although divorce laws are quite detailed, the judge presiding over a divorce proceeding has discretion in how certain things may or may not viewed.

Famed actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband of over 10 years, Coldplay front man Chris Martin, are getting a divorce. The couple decided to end their marriage and both appear to be trying to keep everything as amicable as possible to avoid a contested situation. Since the family has homes in New York and California, they will have to decide where to get their divorce. Additionally, Martin is originally from England so divorce there may be a feasible option as well. This is a very big decision, as it will affect the property division and other matters between the parties involved.

As mentioned previously, each state governs divorce differently. For instance, California is a community property state, which means that the courts divide marital property as equally and as evenly as possible after a valuation of the property is completed. This doesn't mean, though, that property division is simple or easy to conclude. Other states, like New York, are equitable distribution states. In these states, property is to be divided "equitably," but there can be significant debate between partners on what constitutes equitable division.

Divorcing in the appropriate location can go a long way towards protecting one's assets down the road.