Domestic violence victims have legal options to end the suffering

Inherent to the topic of divorce is the topic of unhappy couples. Many divorces center on "irreconcilable differences," where the splitting spouses simply could not fix their irrevocably broken relationship. They had differences of opinion, or a life event changed their marriage, or another of the myriad reasons that could cause a marriage to break happened, causing the couple to seek out a divorce filing.

But we also must consider an inherent aspect to unhappy marriages: that one of the spouses is likely angry with the other spouse. The anger may not be outwardly shown, which makes it even worse. Buried anger can bubble up at any time, and drive a normally-rational person to act in an irrational way.

When this occurs, really unfortunate things can happen. Domestic violence is often associated with unhappy couples which have at least one spouse with an anger issue. Domestic violence can even be the reason for a divorce.

If domestic violence is an issue in a family's home, the victim of the violence needs to think about themselves -- but also of their children. A divorce may just be the first step. Restraining orders, protective child services and other legal options could be used as well.

Ultimately, domestic violence is something that should never happen; but it will, unfortunately. For the victims of such violence, they need not live in such an environment. They have some options to help them -- and their family -- out of such an abusive and unhealthy situation.

Source: Huffington Post, "The #1 Reason Angry Couples Stay Together," Linda Esposito, Nov. 8, 2013