The Use of Experts in Divorce & Family Law Cases

Divorce and other family law cases can be difficult and complex, even for family court judges who are tasked with making legal decisions for individuals and their children. These decisions, turned into court orders, can have a dramatic impact on the lives of these spouses and their families for years to come. Complexities can revolve around such issues as how to divide and distribute marital assets, property, and debt, how to determine custody and parenting plans, whether alimony should be awarded to a spouse, and more. When spouses cannot agree on how these matters should be decided, judges must do so with little actual knowledge of the daily inner workings, backgrounds, and personalities of the spouses and family.

When issues become very complex and difficult to understand in terms of how certain decisions may impact those involved, professional experts are often used. This can occur in divorce cases as well as post-divorce cases involving family law proceedings. These experts may used in the courtroom as well as in other phases of the legal process, such as in mediation, in the discovery process, or to provide assistance to the parties in handling the emotional and financial toll that family law disputes can bring.

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Types of Professional Experts

Professional experts used in family law cases are individuals who are qualified to provide information or opinion on a matter based on their unique education, experience, and knowledge. In some divorce cases, consulting with an expert witness can make the difference between the success or failure of your case.

The various types of professional experts typically used in divorce and family law cases can include:

  • Real estate experts, such as appraisers used to determine the value of real property or the rental value of a rental or leased property.
  • Financial experts, such as CPAs, forensic accountants, or analysists. Forensic accountants may be used to trace assets, especially if they have been hidden or assets have been exchanged from one type of another. They may also be needed to value retirement accounts. CPAs may be needed to determine tax consequences that will occur from divorce-related transactions. Trust experts may needed to determine property interests where an individual is a beneficiary of a trust and how a divorce may impact the issue.
  • Business valuation experts, where an individual owns or has an interest in a business who are needed to determine the fair market value of the business.
  • Health professionals should either party or a child suffer from some type of physical illness.
  • Mental health experts, child psychologists, and parenting experts who can give expert testimony regarding the effects of divorce and custody on the welfare of a child.

What Do Professional Experts Do?

Professional experts can provide help in a number of ways. These include helping spouses reach a settlement on an issue when their dispute has reached an impasse, offer recommended actions or solutions when it is unknown how to move forward, or bring evidence to court in the form of expert opinion or the reporting of fact. Professional experts can, in the end, strengthen your case before a family court judge.

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