Helpful Tips to Parent a New Stepchild

Remarriage comes with a number of challenges, especially if your new spouse has children from a previous marriage. Having a blended marriage entails melding two households, which can be a complicated process. However, learning how to effectively parent a new stepchild can help you create a strong, loving family unit.

The following are several tips on how to parent a new stepchild:

  1. Discuss parenting strategies with your spouse - It is imperative to work closely with your spouse to ensure you both always see eye-to-eye. Establish the appropriate punishment if your stepchild misbehaves and what has been effective in the past. Being on the same page with your spouse can ensure your parenting stays consistent and coordinated, which can provide a sense of stability for your stepchild.
  2. Build a good relationship with your stepchild - Without any form of relationship, how do you expect your stepchild to respect you as an authority figure? Ensure that you spend quality time with your new son/daughter to learn about their views and interests. Remember, don’t force the issue and let things unfold naturally--preferably at the child’s own pace.
  3. Allow the biological parent to be the disciplinarian - When it comes to who should play good cop or bad cop, you must act as the former. Being the disciplinarian, without having to truly connect with your stepchild, can result in ineffective parenting.
  4. Avoid interfering with your spouse’s relationship with their child - You must understand that your spouse has a special bond with their kid which predates your relationship, so let her/him share plenty of time together. If your stepchild thinks you are interfering with his/her relationship with your spouse, it will only result in anger and resentment.
  5. Prepare to be tested - Do not underestimate the mind of a child since they can test you to discover what they can and cannot get away with. This lack of disrespect can only harm your relationship in the future, so don’t let yourself be taken advantage. Additionally, don’t take things personally at the start since everyone is still trying to adjust to a new way of life.

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