What You Need to Know About Online Divorce Services

The internet makes life easier, for the most part. You can order food directly to your door, pay for your taxes, send a letter to someone across the world and book a flight and hotel…all in minutes. However, not everything should be done online—especially when it’s complex and could greatly affect your life. While online divorce services have been around for years, they may not exactly live up to the claims of “simplicity and quickness.” If you’re thinking about using an online divorce service, here’s what you should know.

Online Divorce Services Are Made for Simple Divorces

Divorces are rarely simple, so why use a service that’s only made for that purpose? If you’re dealing with division property, prenuptial agreements, alimony, child custody and child support, there’s no way you can go at it alone. Unless you have a simple divorce, stay away from the online divorce services and get yourself a lawyer.

A Mistake Can Cost You Dearly

Mistakes happen, but when they happen in a divorce, they can toss a wrench into the process. An error in an online divorce service is difficult to fix later on when you notice the issue. Even if you do fix it, these mistakes can subject you to court sanctions, which can result in costly fees and a longer divorce process. Online divorce services claim to be quick and easy, but that’s far from the truth.

Your Spouse Probably Has an Attorney

It’s likely that your spouse has an experienced divorce attorney on their side, helping them through all their issues. If you show up to court on your own, you’ll get swallowed alive. Without an attorney, you’re at a major disadvantage, especially if things get complex in court.

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