What Happens If My Spouse Won't Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

If you recently filed for a divorce and hired an attorney to represent you and assist you in dissolving your marriage, you might be surprised if you find out that your soon-to-be former spouse has yet to do the same. Of course, not everyone hires an attorney. Some might not be able to afford it while others might simply have personal reasons for this choice. Whatever his or her reasons might be, you might be wondering what to expect from here on out.

Obviously, this will not impact your ability to get divorced. When one spouse wants to pull the plug on a marriage, nothing can prevent him or her from doing so. However, your ex-spouse’s decision to not hire a lawyer can still impact you. He or she might miss deadlines, forget to include certain necessary documents, or make other mistakes that can hinder the progress of the divorce process.

Your ex will not be able to turn to your attorney for advice. The two will have to pass information to one another since your ex will not have anyone to do so on his or her behalf, but that is the only type of communication they will be able to engage in.

Going Through Divorce Litigation When Your Ex Does Not Have an Attorney

If your divorce case ends up in court, your attorney will generally speak for you on your behalf unless the judge asks you a direct question. If your ex-spouse does not hire a lawyer, he or she will have to do all of the talking. This puts your former spouse at a major disadvantage, but it will not negatively impact the outcome of your divorce settlement.

Although the internet is an endless source of information, nothing can replace the specific advice an attorney can provide for your case.

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