Reminder: Don't miss your guide to complex property division

If you are considering divorce and have not done so already, we encourage you to take a few minutes to read through our recent white paper, Complex Division: Splitting assets in a California divorce.

Even in a seemingly straightforward divorce, dividing shared property can be a complicated and difficult process. It can become even more challenging when it involves assets that are substantial or complex, such as:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Business assets
  • Real estate
  • Investment properties

Although the prospect of dividing assets can feel overwhelming at first, a good way to start is by learning what to expect from the process. In our free white paper, we provide an introduction to some important legal concepts that you may want to know about, such as:

  • How assets are categorized as divisible or nondivisible
  • How property can shift from one category to another
  • The potential impact of prenuptial agreements and other relevant factors

We invite you to read our white paper to learn more about these and other topics that may be helpful to anyone navigating the end of a marriage in California.