Complex military divorces deserve personalized attention

It is no surprise that military families face stresses that civilians may not have to ever deal with. While both military and civilian families must cope with an uncertain economy, the challenges of parenthood and relationships that are no longer sustainable, military families must also deal with many other stressors that can place great strain upon the entire family unit.

As a result, it is not out of the ordinary for a Southern California military family to conclude that divorce is the most reasonable thing to do when the marriage is irreparable. However, military divorce can be quite complicated as there are numerous laws at play and no divorce is the same. Issues like child custody, child support, dividing military benefits and understanding the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act can be very multifaceted in a military divorce. Consequently, military members and their spouses may need specialized legal assistance when reorganizing their families.

Military families can find such help at Burch, Coulston & Shepard LLP. The Orange County military divorce attorneys offer an array of valuable legal services to members of the armed forces. Recognizing the diverse needs of today's families, the attorneys can provide spouses and parents with personalized solutions to the most multilayered of problems. Whether a client is on active duty, retired, serving in the National Guard or a spouse or former spouse of any of the above, they can find solutions with help from attorneys with extensive military-related family legal experience.

The family lawyers at Burch, Coulston & Shepard are local, accessible professionals familiar with California divorce laws as well as federal and military law. Their clients are thus assured they are receiving comprehensive legal advice from a single convenient source. An initial consultation can reveal the main elements of a military family law situation and how each one can be resolved fairly and conclusively.