Not getting anywhere with child support? Help is available

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with the legal system is feeling as if your case is stuck and not moving forward. For Southern California residents who try to navigate the family law system on their own, this is not an uncommon scenario. A qualified child support attorney can help take the confusion and inertia out of a parent's child support situation.

Whether one is trying to track down the non-custodial parent, trying to hold another accountable for failure to pay child support or simply trying to understand their own rights and obligations, a family lawyer can be an efficient ally. A good attorney not only knows the law inside and out but can explain it and put it to use in the interests of their client. In child support cases, those without an attorney may, through no fault of their own, encounter flawed advice, a confusing process and an uncooperative other parent.

The team of attorneys at Burch Shepard Family Law Group, practice family law exclusively, so they are extremely familiar not only with how to resolve a child support case but also how to do so expediently. Parents are bound to have many questions about child support, even if they have been through a divorce or breakup with children in the past. Child support can be affected by many different factors and it can be fruitful to have everything explained from an attorney early on; avoiding the pitfalls of "do-it-yourself" legal advocacy can save a mom or dad both time and money.

The lawyers at Burch, Coulston & Shepard can explain California's child support guidelines, help a mother or father understand their own parental rights and outline one's options if the other parent has left the state or even the country. While resolving a heated or longstanding child support dispute may not be simple, it doesn't have to take forever. Talking with Newport Beach child support attorneys can reassure and embolden a solution-seeking parent.