Proposed CA child support bill would intercept insurance

One of the most common -- and most emotionally difficult -- problems involving California child support is when the non-custodial parent fails to pay. Whether that parent does not pay at all or does not pay enough, there are penalties in California that can add up and make that parent's financial situation worse. Even if a non-custodial parent has a legitimate reason for not paying, such as job loss, that individual is still responsible for their full child support amount until the court alters the order.

As a result, it can be extremely beneficial to seek legal help, as soon as an inability to pay is anticipated. Lawmakers in California take non-payment of child support seriously, as demonstrated by a proposed bill which could affect parents in Orange County and beyond. A proposed measure, recently passed by the state Senate, would require insurance companies to participate in a program in which insurance payouts are intercepted and used to pay the beneficiaries' overdue child support.

Currently, some insurance companies already participate in the program. The new bill would make that participation mandatory. The program collects about $17 million every year. The money comes from insurance settlements, claims and awards, which had been set to go to those who owe back child support. The proposal passed 29-4, showing that child support enforcement is not taken lightly in California.

Failure to pay child support means, not only is the non-paying parent faced with penalties, but the financial needs of the child are also likely going unmet. In order to make a child support modification or learn how to resolve a child support dispute, either parent can meet with a California child support attorney.