Child custody: more than just deciding where a child lives

When the topic of divorce comes up, one of the first things on many California parents' minds is the question of child custody. When many think of child custody, they think of the major decision related to where the child will live - and with which parent - after the divorce. However, child custody can actually entail many more issues, and seeking help from an experienced family lawyer can help either party to a divorce understand these issues and how to resolve them fairly.

In addition to deciding physical custody of a child, child custody can involve a host of related matters, such as legal custody, or the ability of each parent to make important decisions about the child's life and upbringing. Parents seeking a divorce may also wish to know about visitation plans, which can facilitate a continuing relationship between the non-custodial parent and their son or daughter. In cases where one parent might relocate after the divorce or sometime in the future, a child custody attorney can provide guidance on parental relocation.

Another topic that may come up during a divorce or breakup is the possibility of guardianships or exercising grandparent rights. At times even the termination of parental rights might need to be discussed with one's family lawyer, especially if the best interests of the child are in jeopardy. Finally, those who have already been divorced and are pursuing a child custody modification may wish to bring their questions to a child custody attorney.

At Burch Shepard Family Law Group, the experienced legal team will strive to arrive at a custody outcome that is not only fair but also manageable. Parents looking for personalized attention as well as assertive advocacy will find both with the Orange County child custody attorneys. Several of the lawyers are certified specialists in family law, a distinction only about 1,000 lawyers out of California's 200,000-plus have achieved. For parents wanting to know more about every child custody issue they might face, answers may be as close as a local qualified attorney