Moving forward after surviving domestic violence

Domestic violence is often kept a secret in many California households. Even if violence or abuse has been ongoing for years, victims and other family members often try to resolve the issue without getting the law involved. While this desire is certainly understandable, seeking help from a qualified attorney can provide many reassurances.

One thing that victims of family violence can do to move forward is to obtain a restraining order. What is the purpose of such an order? A restraining order, often known in California as a protective order, offers a strong incentive for an individual to avoid committing physical or sexual abuse, harassment, making threats and other related actions against the protected person. If the restrained person violates the protective order, he or she can face serious consequences such as having to pay fines or go to jail.

By consulting with an Orange County family lawyer, a victim of domestic violence can find help initiating and enforcing a protective order. A discussion with a compassionate attorney at Burch, Coulston & Shepard LLP will reveal that there are various options for protective orders in California. An emergency order can be obtained under some circumstances and will go into effect immediately. A temporary restraining order may be appropriate, or a permanent restraining order may be issued which lasts up to five years and can be renewed.

Regardless of the type of order necessary, the attorneys at Burch, Coulston & Shepard will formulate a legal strategy based on empowering a survivor of domestic violence. Rather than having to navigate a confusing legal system on their own, victims can leave it to the lawyers while they focus on moving forward with their lives.