Educating young males about domestic violence proves vital

Domestic violence is an insidious type of violence that looks to demean and dehumanize its victims. Because there is such an emotional and psychological component to this type of violence, it is especially vicious. Often times, women are the victims of domestic violence even though men can also be victimized. However, historically, when you hear about stories related to domestic violence and the abuse that ensues, women tend to be at the heart of those stories. With all that is going on nationally regarding violence against women, there seems to be a public push to call attention to the violence and put an end to it.

Education among younger generations of individuals, specifically males, may be a key part in halting the violence before it even begins. There are a number of programs that have been started to enlighten the public about the dangers and pitfalls of engaging in this type of behavior especially since domestic violence is at the forefront of public policy conversations. Making information available and disseminating that information in such a way that brings awareness to this topic is important and necessary.

Prior to recent efforts in shining a light on domestic violence and its impact on individuals and society as a whole, this topic was very hush-hush partly because victims wouldn't readily report the violence. Domestic abuse leaves the victim feeling alone and abandoned in a lot of cases as it is aimed at isolating victims from their loved ones. Also, victims may feel embarrassed by the situation because someone they trusted is perpetrating the violence. The barriers to assisting someone who is in a domestically abusive situation are starting to collapse allowing for greater guidance in how to deal with these issues in the legal arena as well as on a personal level.

There are no easy answers to domestic violence but maintaining open dialogue about the topic is paramount. If this or other legal issues are involved in the separation or divorce process, spouses should ensure they know how to address them. Obtaining legal guidance could provide them with insight to protect their rights while also giving them direction when taking action towards the issue of domestic violence.