Divorce: There Is Now an App For That

For California residents, getting married can be the happiest time in someone's life. Unfortunately, many marriages end in divorce, which can be not only difficult and complicated, but also financially and emotionally expensive.

Recently, several smartphone applications (apps) have become available to help Orange County individuals through the divorce process. Divorce laws vary from state to state, so it is important to make sure that any app you purchase and use is California specific.

Apps can help manage a divorce from beginning to end. However, these applications are best used in conjunction with a qualified attorney. For instance, a child support calculator app uses state statutory guidelines. However, any number that the calculator provides is only an estimate. The California family court judges have discretion and the final say in determining an equitable monthly child support award.

Mobile Applications = Organizational Tools

Mobile applications can help individuals inventory and split marital assets. Having an organized inventory of assets can facilitate negotiations during the formalized divorce process.

One app specifically allows individuals to store text messages and email exchanges between spouses. It can also keep track of expenses and time spent with children, along with other important information necessary to prepare for the actual divorce proceedings. The application allows users to easily forward these communications to their legal advocates.

These applications can be accessed on most popular smartphones. They are available in both the Apple and Android markets.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, "I don't anymore: Apps to help with the details of divorce," Michelle Maltais, June 8, 2012