Newport Beach Family Lawyers

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Family disputes can tear you apart. Every decision you make will set off a chain of future consequences. Experienced, successful family lawyers like the professionals at Burch, Coulston & Shepard, LLP, will help you cross this bridge safely to the other side.

We work to provide the utmost in thoughtful, informed guidance through all these decisions. We do what is necessary to deliver the results you need, whether through negotiation, mediation or courtroom litigation.

A History Of Listening

Our Orange County divorce lawyers' qualifications and approach have made our firm a premier choice for people who want aggressive yet balanced legal representation. We are skilled at recognizing the unique issues in each case and acting affirmatively to protect your relationships, your assets and your career.

First, Persuasion ~ Second, A Show Of Power

Our first goal is to negotiate a peaceful and cost-effective resolution for you. But we are also veteran trial lawyers who will fight for you in court when necessary.

We Know What You're Going Through

And we will get you through this time of crisis, to a better future. To schedule a consultation based squarely on your needs, contact us today by telephone or email.