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Community Property Vs. Separate Property

Some of the most challenging and complex financial disputes in California divorces involve one spouse's claim that certain assets are his or hers alone. Proving that this is the case — or, conversely, that the assets in question are community property subject to equitable division — often requires extensive research and accounting knowledge along with a full understanding of the applicable laws.

Our established and respected firm, focused exclusively on California family law, is a proven resource for people who have significant assets at stake. With decades of experience handling complex property division and ready access to skilled forensic accountants and other experts, our attorneys are impeccably well-equipped to deal with your case requiring distinction of separate property from community property.

Will Claims Involving Nonmarital Property Complicate Your Divorce Case?

Generally speaking, California law requires treatment of all money and other assets acquired during a marriage as community property subject to equal property division in divorce. Money and property acquired by either spouse prior to the marriage, after legal separation or as a gift or inheritance is often considered separate property under the law.

Beyond these basic guidelines, there are a range of exceptions and extenuating factors that may pertain, especially if your marriage lasted many years or the disputed assets are complex ones such as business ownership interests, real estate, stock options, investment accounts and securities.

Diligent, Tenacious Representation Of Our Clients' Financial Rights And Interests

Our mission on behalf of each client we serve is to obtain the best possible property settlement.

This includes acquiring all the information necessary to ensure full financial disclosure, and to bring forth documentation as necessary to:

  • Isolate assets you brought into the marriage, inherited or were given as gifts.
  • Effectively dispute your divorcing spouse's claims that certain assets are separate and thus exempt from "50/50" property division.
  • Untangle commingled assets, locate hidden assets and perform other financial investigation as part of a comprehensive effort to protect your financial interests.

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