L.A. City Attorney calls for domestic violence reform

Many residents of Southern California keep a firearm in the family home, whether for protection, hunting or recreational shooting. However, for people who are accused of certain offenses related to domestic violence, the issue of gun ownership becomes a heated one.

Before, during and after a divorce or a breakup, tensions can understandably run high. At times matters escalate into physical abuse or domestic violence threats. In any event, the family legal issues can become very complicated as soon as domestic violence enters the picture in any way. Recently in Los Angeles, the issue of keeping firearms from abusers has made headlines as City Attorney Mike Feuer outlined ways to fight the problem.

According to a report from Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, over half of intimate partner homicides involving female victims involved firearms. Even more alarmingly, the report indicated that 52 percent of female homicide victims are the wife, intimate partner or other female relative of the offender. According to Feuer, federal lawmakers must take action, particularly in the area of laws that involve guns and restraining orders.

California is one of a minority of states to have a law allowing guns to be seized when a temporary restraining order is in place. However, Feuer noted, it is not entirely certain if the law has been implemented in a manner that truly makes a difference. Currently, there are two separate bills pending in Congress on the issue, though it remains to be seen if they will be passed.

A domestic violence complaint can have many implications for someone accused of family violence. Likewise, allegations of domestic violence can have a huge impact on issues such as divorce, child custody and more. An Orange County family lawyer is in a trusted position to offer legal advice regarding domestic violence and other family law issues.