Actor and estranged wife finally come to child custody terms

One of the most difficult things to tackle in a divorce is custody. When a divorcing couple has children, inevitably questions of who will have custody of the child will have to be answered. Although the parties to the divorce can come to an agreement on their own with respect to how custody will be handled, however that is not always how it is done. In many Orange County child custody cases, the courts have to get involved with the case because the parties cannot come to any type of agreement on their own.

Divorce knows no bounds, so the issues that accompany divorce impact all who are going through it. With that being said, custody and visitation matters even impact the rich and powerful. Jeremy Renner, a well-known actor, has finalized terms with his ex-wife over custody. Apparently, Renner was afraid at one point that his estranged wife would abscond with their daughter. A court binding custody decision will not make this possible without violating the law. Both parents have legal and physical custody of their 2-year-old daughter and Renner will pay $13,000 a month in child support.

In dealing with child custody in divorce, the courts have a plethora of options at their disposal. For instance, there is legal custody, physical custody, sole and joint custody. Courts can make a determination on whether or not custody is going to be given solely to one parent or shared between the parents. Additionally, depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding the custody case, a court can decide on whether or not legal and physical custody will be shared.

A lot goes into making and finalizing a custody decision, especially when the courts are included. It may be encouraging to know that even in cases that start out as custody disputes, it is possible to reach a fair outcome that benefits child and maintains the key relationships between family members.