Ex-NFLer wins victory in three-year child custody case

Divorce or separation are difficult situations for any Orange County couple, but especially for parents. The couple is going through an extremely emotional time and if the couple splitting up has kids, emotions tend to run even higher. These emotions sometimes come through when the parent has to make tough decisions about the welfare of the children. Although in many divorces the couple are able to reach an agreement and no court involvement is necessary, there are instances where the couple cannot come to a meeting of the minds. This is often the case with child custody matters.

Ex-NFL quarterback and running back Kordell Stewart and the mother of his nine-year-old son have been in a bitter custody dispute over the child. Their divorce has been very acrimonious. The mother wanted to move with her child to another state for a job opportunity. In response, Stewart asked the court for full custody of his son. The mother objected to the request.

Ultimately, the parties agreed to share joint legal custody, with Stewart getting full physical custody. This means that the child will live with Stewart but both parents will have the right to make decisions in matters pertaining to the health, welfare and well-being of the child.

When dealing with custody matters, the courts apply the best interests of the child standard. Child custody is not a simple matter by any means and there are a variety of custody options available to the courts. Sole physical custody, joint custody, legal custody and full custody are some of the custody options that a court can choose from, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the matter.