• Kevin Harrison - Lead Associate Attorney

    Skilled Newport Beach Family Law Attorney

    Kevin Harrison is a senior attorney in our office. Mr. Harrison brings more than 25 years of legal experience to the aide and advantage of clients. His focus is in the broad arena of Family Law and his experience includes general civil litigation, criminal law, probate, wills and trusts, conservatorship and juvenile proceedings, and he is recognized state wide for his unique knowledge of child and spousal support litigation. Mr. Harrison dedicated ten years of his professional career as lead counsel for the Orange County Department of Child Support Services and served as Chair of the State Director's Association Policy and Regulation Committee. In this capacity, he served on countless committees at the state level and was a contributing author to many of the current California statutes and regulations. Mr. Harrison’s experience in the child support enforcement practice area is of exceptional value in nearly every family law matter, affording clients focused, efficient, expedient and, most importantly, reliable outcomes.

    Experienced Representation

    As an Orange County family law attorney, Mr. Harrison manages each client's case with the goal of reducing conflict in order to minimize the expense of problem solving through the court process. With more than 160 hours of certified mediation training, Mr. Harrison has the talent to direct parties and their counsel toward problem solving and away from unproductive conflict. His particular talent in this regard has been recognized by the courts and he is regularly appointed to serve as special master, referee or settlement officer in high conflict cases. When settlement is not possible, he has no hesitation to apply his practical experience in the courtroom to effectively advocate for a client's desired outcome.

    Mr. Harrison also provides a unique capacity to bridge the gap between "divorce" litigation and the broader disciplines of Family Law, a gap seldom closed by most offices without referral to outside counsel. He has the skill to handle conservatorship proceedings, guardianship matters, probate and the broader discipline of Estate Planning that includes the crafting of wills and trusts. Nearly all marital dissolution cases bring these broader family issues, an aging parent, a disabled child, assets acquired through the divorce that need protection or long-term planning. With this expertise to offer, Mr. Harrison is a resource for all of our clients, allowing our office to handle all of our client's family issues.

    To take advantage of this remarkable experience, call us today at (949) 565-4158. Our Newport Beach family law attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients through this process and have a bright future to look forward to.

    • Bar Admissions
    • California
    • Education
    • University of California, Irvine (B.A., Philosophy and Psychology)
    • Western State University, College of Law
    • Court Admissions
    • California Supreme Court
    • 9th District Court of Appeals

Delivering Superior Client Service

"Ethical, brilliant, powerful, and knowledgeable. Always works with full integrity, proper discovery and truth. Don't expect him to play any games. He is truly about equity and, since family law is about equity, this is what you get. I am so very happy that I retained him. His work and that of his staff was flawless, deep and highly potent. I would recommend him without hesitation."